The most marvellous of weddings

Flower Power: DIY Floral Ice Cubes

A simple, yet clever way to brighten up your drink capturing the beauty of nature as well as adding a pop of colour is to garnish it with these pretty DIY floral ice cubes.

Keep your G&T (or softie) cool in style...


First thing's first you'll need a selection of edible flowers. Ensure that you do check online (or with your florist) that your flowers of choice are definitely safe to consume- before there's any nasty surprises. (We chose fresh roses, dried rose petals and nasturtiums).

You will also need a silicone ice cube tray, jug and water.

1. Start by placing your flowers in each ice cube tray pod, and be creative- try various compositions and mixing colours/textures.

2. Boil some water and place in an easy-to-pour jug. Let the water cool right down and fill your pods 1/3 full.

3. Delicately place in the freezer and leave for 12 hours.

4. Repeat until your pods are full and leave for a further 12 hours.

5. You can gently pop out your pretty cubes and you're ready to go. BRAVO!


The Non-Alcoholic Spirit That Speaks Volumes

Have you ever found yourself as the designated driver for your friends wedding, having to consume orange juice after orange juice whilst longingly gazing at your other halves delicious ice-cold G&T? YES, well so have we. Or perhaps just by choice you opt for a non-alcoholic drink and would much rather stay sober?

Well, we have found something incredibly scrumptious that may be just up your street; SEEDLIP "Solving the dilemma of 'what to drink when you're not drinking' ". This beautifully designed brand has launched a duo of non-alcoholic spirits (the world's first of their kind); Garden 108 and Spice 94.


To continue his family's 300 year farming ancestry, Ben founded Seedlip in his kitchen in the woods, with a copper still & copy of The Art of Distillation with a mission to change the way the world drinks. As well as looking elegantly stylish, both products taste truly delicious and make a perfect alternative to alcoholic gins and vodkas.

Garden 108 has herbal hits with spearmint, rosemary, thyme and peas, whilst Spice 94 has a more spicy aromatic taste with cardamom, oak, all-spice, and grapefruit botanicals. Pair either with plenty of ice and Indian tonic water for the ultimate soft drink with sass or alternatively, head to their website for their very own recommended inventive alcohol-free cocktails.

Wedfest: A Summer Festival Wedding In Norfolk

With some crafty skills at the ready, we created hand-cut paper decorations, bespoke menus and added colour pops throughout. Painted tin candle holders, paper fans and signpost flags kept the festival theme playful and fun- layering bold primary colours and stripe patterns.

The wedding party enjoyed a day of relaxed entertainment and family fun with lawn games, acoustic music, Monty the photo booth, Pimms, wood-fired stone baked pizza, Thai Fried ice cream and even a bouncy castle.

As the sun went down, the lawn was lit with candles and lanterns as guests sipped on classic cocktails and danced the night away...


Getting Crafty

The Perfect Wedding Favour

With succulents well and truly trending this summer, we thought what better way to celebrate them than growing them in used up candles (particularly these gorgeous Diptyque candles!)

We love using them as wedding favours and table decorations.

Pimms Pops




Our favourite adult ice lolly brand POPs have done it again, creating a brand new flavour for Summer '17. Summer and Pimm's are the ultimate combo so we are over the moon to see the launch of this genius boozy ice pop flavour. 

What a wonderful extra to have at your wedding this summer!

Other flavours (our faves) include Watermelon Martini, Champagne and Peach Bellini. All of which are available to buy at The Birdcage, Norwich for that sweet little summer treat.

You can get your hands on the new Pimm's flavour in Selfridges food hall as well as Darwin & Wallace bars in London, and the Henley Royal Regatta.